How much is your life worth??

How much is your life worth-11-27-17

How much is your life worth? Have you taken the time to assess your past, present and future? Everyone else has from your enemies, insurance adjusters and spectators.

I am convinced that one of the fallacies of man is that we do not recognize our value because we do not know the reason why we were created. We stumble through the journey of life, trying to make it the best way we know how, and licking our wounds when we don’t. We often ignore the fact that there was a Master Plan for our life BEFORE we were even conceived.

When you know your value, your divine value, you’ll stop:

I could continue, but I’d rather you meditate on the above and seek God for clarity. If no one else tells you today, you are AMAZING and were designed for so much GREATER! Don’t sell yourself short, even when others try to. Part of achieving your worth is speaking greatness into the atmosphere, envisioning the life you want and knowing the promises of God for your life so you can achieve every last one of them.

Make your list and be sold out to a relentless pursuit,

Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru
Publisher|Best Selling Author|Transformational Speaker
CEO, Alesha Brown LLC     

"It's never too late to edit your life and I can help!"

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