You’ve WON More Than You’ve FAILED!

Have you ever thought about how many bad decisions you made over the years? All the wrong relationships you entertained, amounts of money lost or ideas that seemed to go up in flames quicker than you could blink? Nothing hurts more than taking a risk, investing all your time and energy only for things to not work out.
The truth is you’ve WON More Than You’ve FAILED.

Sure, you may have a long list of mistakes you made and the number of years before you came to your senses. (Perhaps you have not come to your senses.) Maybe you have lost thousands or millions of dollars in bad business deals or have a string of embarrassing relationships that you never should have entered. But here is what you have not considered:

Your purpose executed is your essence a.k.a your value that you offer to the world. Perfection is not required for impact and transformation; presence and execution are. So all the failures you are replaying in your mind, have positively impacted numerous people in ways you never thought of.

I could go on, but the fact is, we are so intricately and exquisitely designed that we often fail to live up to our greatness. Humans have a self-deprecating nature that causes many of us to spend too much time emphasizing our shortcomings, instead identifying, executing and reaching our genius levels.

Just your smile, even on a tear stricken face, has the ability to provide hope to another. Your energy, while you press through the storm, is enough to breathe life into at least one person. When you SHOW UP and do your best – even in the unpolished version of you – it can leave a lasting effect that can give LIFE in hopeless situations.

I’m sorry, tell me about all of your “failures” again? (Please share your WINS below.)

Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru
Publisher|Best Selling Author|Transformational Speaker
CEO, Alesha Brown LLC     

"It's never too late to edit your life and I can help!"

Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru

Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru, is the CEO of Fruition Publishing Concierge Services, where she offers author consultation, writing coaching and publishing services to help people share their story with the masses. As a childhood abuse survivor, she is on a mission to reverse the damage of abuse by encouraging survivors to write and publish their stories in order to pay it forward and create a circle of healing. Alesha is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Authors Consultant, and Transformational Speaker who encourages audiences by igniting the fire within and helping them take center stage. With comprehensive, simple techniques and words of inspiration, Alesha helps the old and young alike, grab ahold of their dreams while identifying the roots of their unhappiness and those things that hold them back. A humorist and gifted speaker, Alesha Brown delivers entertaining, engaging presentations with thought-provoking exercises and vivid illustrations to connect with an audience.

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