911: Never Forget the Importance of Today

911- Never Forget the Importance of Today

As many post social media pics to remember 911, this day reminds me of the high value of life in the present. People thank God for blessing them with another day of life, but there is no guarantee ever that you will live this entire day. Not trying to be morbid, but this is the truth of reality.

Today, two people are on my mind: Legal Assistant Marcy Borders and Pastor Jarred Wilson.
Marcy Borders, aka the Dust Lady, was just one month into her job as a bank teller in the twin towers when 911 hit (please click here for the video story link). Her life was changed forever and she died from stomach cancer in August 2015. It was believed that her cancer most likely resulted in the number of carcinogens she was exposed to from the debris and dust that covered her body. She lived 14 years after surviving the attack until cancer got the best of her. She was 42 at the time of her death.
Picture courtesy of the Nashville Tennessean.
Just two days ago, Megachurch Pastor Jarred Wilson who was known for his work in mental health advocacy killed himself. He and his wife founded a mental health organization whose mission is to help people with depression and suicidal thoughts. CNN reports that he had been posting to social media about suicide prevention month, posted the following tweet on the day of his death:
His wife shared videos of him playing with his son just hours before committing suicide. On the surface, there was nothing to indicate the tragedy that was about to happen.

In both cases, the truth remains the same. Life is but a vapor and there are many trials, challenges and heartaches we will endure. In this moment, this precious moment that you have been given, LIVE. Know the reason for your existence, rejoice in how rich you are that you have breath in your body, which means one more opportunity to do, to be and to THRIVE.

Don’t waste the power of this moment. Life is but a vapor and can change in the twinkling of an eye. Live FULL out, with no regrets and no waste.

Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru
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