Meditations of My Heart

The Cost of Doing Nothing

2020: What has it cost you? Let’s be honest: With the pandemic, this year has produced great challenges and changes. I want to know, what has 2020 cost you? One

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FREAK OUT: It’s Okay!

“Don’t panic.”“Remain calm.”“Everything will eventually work itself out.” While the above is true, we can’t all be the Rock of Gibraltar nor should we. You can possess grace under fire,

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Are you a FRAUD?

Are you a FRAUD? Are you deceiving people by pretending to be something you are not? I don’t need to know what your answer is but you do. The truth

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Do Your Best at All Times

Photo Credit: NASAIconic retired NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, portrayed in the movie Hidden Figures, was quoted as saying: “Do your best at all times. That’s the best you can do.”-Katherine

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