Meditations of My Heart

Are You Still in Love?

Are You Still in Love? I love Valentine’s Day and love in general, but I did not always feel that way. All too often, my feelings were contingent on what

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Separation.  This word can have such a negative connotation. Separation is associated with job loss, divorce, death, and even surgery. However, since the beginning of time, separation was instrumental in

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The Cost of Doing Nothing

2020: What has it cost you? Let’s be honest: With the pandemic, this year has produced great challenges and changes. I want to know, what has 2020 cost you? One

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FREAK OUT: It’s Okay!

“Don’t panic.”“Remain calm.”“Everything will eventually work itself out.” While the above is true, we can’t all be the Rock of Gibraltar nor should we. You can possess grace under fire,

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