Meditations of My Heart

Season's Greetings from Fruition Publishing-2022
The Weight you Really need to Lose
Season’s Greetings to you all, but… Can I just say your girl is feeling FABULOUS?!! What I’m about to announce is proof positive of the...
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Depression, Suicide, and the Holidays
Today I have mixed emotions. I am so happy for all the amazing things happening in my life right now, especially things coming to fruition that have been...
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How Thanksgiving Made Me Reflect on Death
This Thanksgiving hits differently for various reasons. I can focus on the loved ones that are gone, including one in particular, making this our first...
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is it time for you to
Is It Time for You to “Come Out?”
Disclaimer: This blog post is not 100 percent devoted to sexuality or #LGBTQIA, but both provide the perfect framework for this train of thought. If you...
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Alesha's Quotes
Nothing is a fluke & neither is your success
Everyone feels like they could and should be doing more, even when they are exhausted. If you have hit your goals, you’re looking at the next level....
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One Must Have for all Authors & Creatives!
This is a MUST HAVE especially for authors, writers, business owners, and creators! The truth is this powerful resource is not new, but has been around...
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The Fruition Publishing™ Advantage
Have you ever felt like you were far removed from your publisher and book project? Have you paid a publisher who promised all the bells and whistles, only...
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The Audacity of Inhumanity
I am a pretty even-kilter person, but current events have me flaming mad. I can no longer remain silent, and what is a blatant level of injustice, homophobia,...
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I'm in LOVE!
Although I’m a transparent person, I keep parts of my life private. But today, I want to share this with my tribe: I’m in LOVE! Now I know that Valentine’s...
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It's official: I am one of the WEALTHIEST Women in the World!
As my family and I brace for a minor snowstorm, I am reflecting on the awesomeness of my life. If there are any bragging rights, I brag on the awesomeness...
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