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Alesha is an award-winning global entrepreneur, publisher, best-selling author, and transformational speaker. Below are some of the radio podcasts, media platforms, and magazine outlets that she has appeared on and in.

Award-winning entrepreneur, publisher, and former Magazine Managing Editor, launches Published! Magazine, the premier magazine devoted to current and aspiring authors, book lovers, and the companies that promote them.

Each issue spotlights the genius behind the books that should be a part of your library if they aren’t already. Too many published authors are victims of being the “best kept secret.” Published! Magazine strives to put an end to that and place their visions, passions, and message in front of those who need to hear it.

Representation matters and your voice, via your published book and author’s platform, should NEVER go unheard.

2021’s biggest buzzword, now bleeding into the new year, may just be “supply chain,” or in it’s more grim form: “supply chain crisis.” The ingenuity and creativity of small businesses during the supply chain crisis has led to many unique stories of craftiness worth sharing. In this interview, read what Alesha shares about how to beat bottlenecks with brand visibility. Click here or on the picture to read the article. 

We regularly see celebrity authors and influencers have national and international book launches and their books on shelves with major bookstore chains. This has become the ultimate standard of success for new authors. But what many new authors do not realize is that this vision is not only unrealistic, but even undesirable—and expensive.
Read this latest Publishers Weekly article as Best-Selling Author & Award Winning Entrepreneur Alesha Brown discusses the slippery slope of bookstore distribution. Click here or on the picture to learn more.

In this interview, Alesha shares  the publishing secrets on how to use a book to grow your business or brand. Click here or on the picture to read the article. 

Best-Selling Author & Award Winning Entrepreneur Alesha Brown’s first two books are listed among the 21 Best Books About Female Oppression. Click here or on the picture to learn more.

The Round Table Talk Show with Sharifah Hardie”allows multiple guests the opportunity to sit down in a round table discussion on current events and the topics guests are most passionate about.

Click here or the graphic to view the show.

BookLife is a website from Publishers Weekly dedicated to indie authors. Publishers Weekly is an American weekly trade news magazine targeted at publishers, librarians, booksellers, and literary agents. Published continuously since 1872, it has carried the tagline, “The International News Magazine of Book Publishing and Bookselling”.
“Listen to Alesha when she explains if it is not for someone else’s courage to tell their story, you may not be here! People transform differently by your version of sharing. If it doesn’t give you an idea of what you have to do, at least it will give you an idea of what you should not do!”
-Smitha Gunturi, Podcast Host|Women’s Advocate Speaker
PART-1 | The Journey Podcast – Ep. 37 |
“By now you have heard me introducing many people, but the interview with Alesha Brown is more insightful. I did asked her thrice on her ending note, but kept continuing asking and listening to her. May be it is the power of some people to let us in the state of awe to listen to them. Though I have few people with two episodes, I never changed the name of the episode. This also goes to Alesha’s story to rename her second episode.
Listen to Alesha Brown saying why Its never too late to EDIT your life!”
-Smitha Gunturi, Podcast Host|Women’s Advocate Speaker
PART-2 | The Journey Podcast – Ep. 38 |

CONGRATULATIONS Alesha Brown, CEO of Fruition Publishing Concierge Services! Alesha has just been appointed to the IBPA 

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Committee, This standing committee is tasked with serving as a sounding board and advisory council on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion within IBPA and the independent book publishing community.

Click here to learn more.

Award-winning entrepreneur, publisher, and business consultant Alesha Brown helps people and organizations find and make the most of their voices. She works with business owners, media outlets and more to help them attract and retain clients with effective brand content; specializing in brand and blog articles, ghostwriting, and web and social media content.

“Have a solid network of seasoned mentors and leaders that have achieved the levels of success you desire. I have heard it said repeatedly but I have found it to be true: we are the reflection of the five people we spend the most time with. Sure, you can study and research how to train for […]


“Have a solid network of seasoned mentors and leaders that have achieved the levels of success you desire.”

I’m delighted to share my interview with Authority Magazine as part of their interview series on the five things you need to become a great author (video included in the article).

Recognizing the history and achievements of women in all facets of life is vital for the development of self-respect and new opportunities for girls and all women. Yes, this is an amazing year, one where we celebrate the first African American female Vice President, but this accomplishment only highlights the power of women. 

Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru, brings you women of all ages and global stages that will inspire you and pull back the curtains of their success. From women who have graced the covers of magazines to serial entrepreneurs and those recognized as the who’s who. From a teen beauty queen to a celebrity designer who has created fashions for Hollywood’s elite.

“Place less emphasis on your social media presence and avoid social media distractions. Social media has its pros and cons professionally and personally, but it does not replace standard forms of communication. The proper use of social media for business conversion is a science within itself and that science is forever changing. Without a team […]”

“Place less emphasis on your social media presence and avoid social media distractions.

Social media has its pros and cons professionally…”

Thrive Global

Alesha’s 1st Article as a Contributing Writer

The podcast is based on entrepreneurs who wants to be heard. There will be interviews of deep & real conversations with inspirational & creative entrepreneurs. The podcast interviews USA and International entrepreneurs, from beginners to professionals. We have fun on the podcast, like friends having a normal conversation. The podcast is to motivate, uplift, inspire, helpful and be YOU. This is the time to relax and have an one on one conversation with the host but you have to keep it real. Hosted by Caramel Lucas.

Alesha energy fills the podcast with a lot of positive energy and messages. She helps people to move forward in their dreams. She keeps the podcast all the way REAL. 

New Year Resolutions

Alesha interviews singer, actress and four-time Grammy nominee and Tony Award winner Melba Moore in Urban Sentinel’s December 2020 edition.

Find out how Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru, became an “accidental entrepreneur” and the million dollar idea she passed on. Alesha takes us on her journey of entrepreneurship and how everything that “glitters is not always gold.” Article on pages 64-66.

Charlie Katz interviews Alesha as part of his series about “How Business Leaders Plan To Rebuild In The Post COVID Economy.”

Nationally acclaimed best-selling author, transformational speaker, and success coach Cheryl Polote-Williamson has established multiple platforms dedicating her consulting practice to cultivate innovative business solutions, strategic marketing initiatives, and financial acumen for entrepreneurs. Listen to this special broadcast with Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru, as she shares why “It’s Not the Hand you Were Dealt that Determines Your Success, It’s the Way You Play Your Hand.”

The Nikki Rich Show talks with Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru. The Nikki Rich Show is your premier source for entertainment, live-stream interviews, music, utilizing media marketing tools and promotional strategies in helping build brands through our social platform.

Tune into this episode to hear how writing saves and transforms life and why you should become a published author.

On the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month, Alesha exposes the myths of entrepreneurship and helps you release the weight of it all on her podcast, The Entrepreneurs Lounge Radio Show.

Listen to past episodes, her CEO Talk episodes and her from other experts where major podcasts stream online. For links, visit: