Are we becoming a society of “NO-Touch”?

Are we becoming a society of “NO-Touch”

Disclaimer:  I am not endorsing, giving a pass or agreeing with any form of sexual abuse, harassment, rape or any inappropriate contact. No is No and, even if a No is never uttered, no one owns the right to use their power or authority to coerce, force or engage any individual in any action.
An interesting thing happens when you are a writer and motivational speaker: people invariably ask you your opinion and encourage you to address certain topics. I aim to please.

With the recent media blitz of sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct, I am overwhelmed by the number of experiences that women have shared with me. (Trust me, The Joy Guru #METoo writing campaign is in full effect. To apply or for more information, please click here.) But someone struck up a conversation that was thought provoking and led to the following question:

Are we becoming a society where we are eliminating the touch of a man?

This was like uncorking a bottle of champagne: conversations ERUPTED! I couldn’t help but consider the implications as well as the history. I am a staunch advocate of women standing in their power, knowing their worth and being liberated in their independence. However, I also value the power, worth and existence of men. We were created to accompany one another, not to be separated.

There is so much power in touch (of an appropriate nature): are we erasing the power? Where is the fine line drawn and are we on the fast track to delineating human connection?

I cannot wait to hear your thoughts! Feel free to invite friends to comment as well.

Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru
Publisher|Best Selling Author|Transformational Speaker
CEO, Alesha Brown LLC     

"It's never too late to edit your life and I can help!"

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