Are You Still in Love?

Are You Still in Love?

I love Valentine’s Day and love in general, but I did not always feel that way. All too often, my feelings were contingent on what society said this holiday meant. 

In layman’s terms:  If I had someone during this holiday and they pulled out all the stops, I loved Valentine’s Day. If not, it sucked! Either way, my viewpoint fit some group from the haters to the appreciators. But here is a lesson in how this example applies to your business, mission, and purpose.

Are You Still in Love?

Just like Valentine’s Day, some people are in love with LOVE. It’s their nature: they LOVE all things Love. They do not consider the details, parameters, responsibilities, etc. They are fueled by their Love of Love and it drives all their actions. Love is their fuel and motivation.

They can weather any storm on “the wings of love.”

Some of these same people find their “love story” leading down a different, undesirable end. Initially, they LOVED love too, but are not DONE. They went from “on the wings of love” to “love sucks!” That initial motivation and fire have burned out. 

They no longer have a desire to:

Are you still in love?

Or is the thrill gone?

I’m sad to report that many entrepreneurs, as well as people in general, no longer love what they do. They might have had so much passion initially, even dreaming of their highest vision of success, but have now grown cold. The work was too hard, too exhausting, and the failures experienced have cut too deep. Who wants to keep pushing and striving for something that appears will never come true?

Reality Check: YOU do! Why?

Because if you have lost your Love of Love in what you do, it’s not because it’s no longer a reality for you, it is because you bought into someone else’s definition of success. Just like the Valentine’s Day holiday, it’s fabricated, crafted by the sales industry, and designed to produce MONEY. This truth does not stop you from honoring the holiday, or not, in any manner YOU choose to! The same is true for your business, purpose, and passion.

You can:

And when you do the above, you are well on your way to falling back in love and or rejuvenating your love. I promise you, it’s still worth it and necessary. Remember, “it’s never too late to edit your life.”

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Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru

Publisher|Best Selling Author|Transformational Speaker

CEO, Alesha Brown LLC   

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