FREAK OUT: It’s Okay!

Freak Out (It'sOkay)

“Don’t panic.”
“Remain calm.”
“Everything will eventually work itself out.”

While the above is true, we can’t all be the Rock of Gibraltar nor should we. You can possess grace under fire, but don’t forget to give yourself permission to FREAK OUT!




Not acknowledging our feelings or simply wishing them away, only intensifies them. The longer you avoid your emotions the more you will experience problems with aggression, depression, anxiety and memory. 

Be present in the moment. If you are experiencing fear, anxiety, stress or sadness, acknowledge each feeling. If you want to cry, scream, vent or shout, do it! Allow yourself to FEEL. None of these reactions make you weak, hopeless or pitiful. The key is to not stay in these emotions and let them dominate your overall well being.



Once you acknowledge how you feel and give yourself permission to express your feelings absent of harming yourself, you can work on developing a new normal.

Many of our struggles and challenges will not change overnight but transforming our mindset and reminding ourselves that we can overcome whatever storm we face will make all the difference in the world.

Fall down but always get back up. Your tears will clarify your vision and help you to see all the mountains and valleys you have climbed to get here. You are an overcomer and every battle has equipped you for now. You’ve got this!


Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru
Publisher|Best Selling Author|Transformational Speaker
CEO, Alesha Brown LLC     

"It's never too late to edit your life and I can help!"

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