How do you REALLY see yourself?

How do you REALLY see yourself
We say it all the time:

While that sounds good, and I strongly advise these statements of power, many of us do not fully believe them. (Defenses down, please.)
I am not blaming you: I am guilty myself. You might really want to believe them, but what is the measure of faith that you apply to them? In other words, check your faith.
For example, let’s say that you suffer from physical pain. Let’s say you have a condition where sporadic or constant pain is the norm. How do you see yourself?

In the beginning, you might find yourself repeating the above power statements. Oh, you want to believe them; really you do. But what does your heart and faith really say in Year 5, Year 10 or Year 15? If you still utter those statements, often your faith isn’t as strong as it was in the beginning. You get weary, you get weak and your faith starts to waver based on the conditions experienced.
The world can say that you’re suffering from this or that; faith says that you’re whole and healed. True faith is taking each painful step and saying, “I walk in the fullness of power, with full mobility and pain free”. True faith is walking with a cane and seeing yourself dancing and skipping along the path. Not in some “remember when” moment, but in a full believe and trust that it will be your reality in the future.
The woman with the issue of blood: 12 years of suffering, but full determination to touch the hem of the garment of Jesus. After all the hope and loss; after trying everything she knew to do; after experimenting with whatever the latest thing was; after all the “failure” or the lack of improvement; through it all, she still had something on inside that believed there was a solution for her situation.
She didn’t just believe in a “solution”, she believed in COMPLETE RESTORATION (“she would be made WHOLE”)! Is that what you see when you walk around each day in your present condition? If not, check your level of faith and began to see what you want instead of what you believe you are plagued by or must suffer with.

–Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru
Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaker and Best Selling Author
CEO, Alesha Brown LLC

"It's never too late to edit your life and I can help!"

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