How to Reclaim Your Time

How to Reclaim Your Time

Some people thought this video was humorous, but Congresswoman Maxine Waters actions were significant. She understood. . .:

What should we learn from this?

People will try to erase the power of your voice and steal your time and dreams through various means. Per the above example, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tried to ignore the question posed to him with everything from compliments to platform positions, which would have consumed her allotted time.

Think about your life’s mission or purpose: how much time does it require? For example, new entrepreneurs often operate on the “do as much as you can and save money by not having to pay anyone”. Sound advice, right? Wrong, DEAD WRONG, and this way of thinking is throwing your dreams and money right down the drain. Why?

Your job is to do what only you can do (i.e. those things that are the LIFE of your business). Any actions, thoughts or strategic relationships that would take your business to the next level, should be what your time is consumed with.
Do you read the above statement and say to yourself, “Most of my time is spent doing everything else but that!” I sympathize with you; I still have areas that I am guilty of the same.

Look at the world around us, from mass shootings to natural disasters, time waits for no one. Be mindful of how you spend, or waste, yours.

Bonus: If you ever need help, study what Congresswoman Maxine did. She stopped Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s rambling and rhetoric by redirecting him repeatedly. When he refused to comply, she rightly applied the rules of the environment and repeated the phrase, “Reclaiming my Time”.

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