I’m in LOVE!

Although I’m a transparent person, I keep parts of my life private. But today, I want to share this with my tribe: I’m in LOVE!

Now I know that Valentine’s Day hits everyone differently. I hope you feel a big warm hug from me if you feel lonely, depressed, or missing someone near and dear to you but is no longer in your life (dead or alive). Regardless of your relationship status, may my “love revel” encourage you.

This year just hits different for me. The pandemic affects us all differently, but it has been freeing for me. Life might have become more stressful during certain times, but life’s preciousness was amplified for me. I lost some loved ones who passed on; I went through medical challenges, and so did my family that I serve as a part-time caretaker.  As we speak, I am watching three people I love dearly battle with cancer, which was responsible for the death of one of my cherished loved ones. 

But this year, LOVE hit me and changed the game! 

  • I’m in LOVE with life! The glam and glitz are not important, although they are appreciated. I love life, my life, which is perfect for me.
  • I’m in LOVE with my clients who are doing amazing things and being able to grow with them. Teamwork indeed makes the dream work.
  • I’m in LOVE with my business and the freedom it allows me. I laugh at all the fear I nurtured for years, settling for the status quo and what was “expected” of me. Taking a leap of faith is scary, but “could’ve, should’ve, would’ve” is scarier. I am in the “power seat,” exactly where I belong, and the one my ancestors prayed, sacrificed, fought, and died for me to have.


  • I’m in LOVE with ME – the woman I have grown to be AND the woman I am becoming.

Now, do you see LOVE differently? So many of us are ignoring and forfeiting the LOVE around us every day for some commercialized, fantasy version of love. Please don’t be that person. Take a moment and think about all the things that you can give thanks for right now. I guarantee you that you will find something. None of us are exactly where we want to be, but I assure you there is some form of growth in your life, and you are closer to your blessing than you think.

I just wanted to let you know today that you are necessary and so loved. And if no one has told you this today, I LOVE You, my friend! Live well!

Alesha Brown, CEO, Fruition Publishing Concierge Services

Editor-in-Chief, Published! Magazine 

Award-Winning Entrepreneur|Publisher|Transformational Speaker

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