Life’s Lemons: You don’t always need to make lemonnade

Life’s Lemons- You don’t always need to make lemonnade

Boy was this my life yesterday:
A friend called and we agreed to go to dinner: trust me, I needed the relaxation. So, on the way there, my phone lost service. I mean, NO SERVICE! My friend was late arriving to the restaurant and I was unable to receive her call or text her to see where she was. I used her phone and tried to contact the phone company, access my account online . . . to no avail. For over five hours I could not receive any business or personal calls, texts or email messages. What’s a girl to I do?

Well of course, I went into panic mode is first: God forbid that, in 2016, a person does not have a working cell phone! Then, I rationalized that it was God’s way of keeping me committed to my pledge to balance my life and incorporate more relaxation, time spent with family and friends and instead of allowing my business to rule my life.
Moral of the story:  sometimes life’s “lemons”, although bitter and stinging, are put into place to get our attention. Although much pain and inconvenience might be felt, the end result is for our good.

–Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru
Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaker and Best Selling Author
CEO, Alesha Brown LLC

"It's never too late to edit your life and I can help!"

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