The Audacity of Inhumanity

I am a pretty even-kilter person, but current events have me flaming mad. I can no longer remain silent, and what is a blatant level of injustice, homophobia, and inhumanity. And, for me, it is personal on so many levels.

First, the Florida Senate has me so incensed with the passing of the “Don’t Say Gay Bill.” There are no words for how inhumane, insensitive, and problematic this is. The bill puts lives at a heightened level of danger. This is so personal and painful to me that I have NO WORDS.

Read more about this ruling here:

But when I see what is happening to black lesbian WNBA star Brittney Griner, all I can do is pray for her life. I pray for her and her family because I can’t imagine how they feel. This woman is considered a high-profile hostage, and I pray they do not use her as an example. Russia is extremely violent against its own LGBTQ+ citizens.

I will not get into the rhetoric of what she did wrong, but I will say that Americans need to study the cultural norms & laws when traveling aboard. There’s nothing wrong with vacations or working abroad, but many of the things we do in the US could result in jail time or death in many countries.

Read more about her case here:  

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