The Cost of Doing Nothing

2020: What has it cost you?

Let’s be honest: With the pandemic, this year has produced great challenges and changes. I want to know, what has 2020 cost you?

One of the largest costs I saw in the marketplace was the high price tag of doing NOTHING. There is always the option to:

  • Spend no money and do it “all yourself.”
  • Don’t hire the staff you know you need, even one for a few hours a week.
  • Not invest in knowledge, continued education, or software, tools, and coaching.

And the sad truth was that many of the people who opted for most, if not all, the above lost their businesses or had to close shop. They were the “I’ll get around to it”, “one day I’ll do it”, or the “let me check my schedule and get back to you” folks. 

The old cliché says “you can pay now or pay later.” For too many people, “later” came at the worst time and the cost was devastating! Which leads me to you: Where are you in your business, plans to write a book, or monetizing platform?

  • Are you still on the “I would love to be a part of that but I just don’t have the money” committee?
  • Or are you all too familiar with the high price tag of “doing nothing” and ready to recommit and move forward?

If you answered yes to “recommitting and moving forward”, you’re my type of person. I want to move you from the “not having money for what you know you need to propel your business” to have more than enough money to live the lifestyle you desire and work so hard for! But it doesn’t happen by osmosis but by strategic intentions. 

How much more are you willing to lose trying to “figure it all out” yourself? No great accomplishment is ever achieved alone. My platform mantra is, “It’s never too late to edit your life” and I can help!

Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru

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