You are not Mephibosheth and David is not coming: Arise and take your rightful place at the King’s table!

I am guilty of it and, if they were honest, most successful people are—being unaware of the full power and authority you possess. I will share what God placed in my spirit during my morning meditation: you are not Mephibosheth and David is not coming; arise and take your rightful place at the King’s table.

Hmmm, at first that sounds quite simplistic and humorous; it reminds me of the songSomeday my Prince will come. Society has all types of jokes for how single women are waiting on their prince and waiting and waiting and waiting . . . However, that is what a lot of us are doing when it comes to our success; we are sitting around waiting, and waiting and waiting as if miraculously the answer will one day fall from the sky or knock on the door. I hate to burst your bubble but you are wasting your time because God gave you the answer long before you entered this world. Let me explain . . .

The story of Mephibosheth represents so many of us; he referred to himself as a dead dog. He was dropped by his nanny at age 5 which resulted in him being lame or unable to walk (2 Samuel 4:4). How many of us have been scarred, hurt or had pain inflicted upon us due to no fault of our own? A parent, former lover or spouse, family member, business partner, etc.; instead of propelling you to greatness, they left you damaged, wounded and broken. As a result of his brokenness, Mephibosheth felt useless. Oh I am so glad that I serve a God that masters in brokenness; actually in my weakness, is made strong! 2 Cor. 12:10 

Mephibosheth’s life started out great: his father was prince Jonathan, his grandfather was King Saul which made him royalty with all the privileges you could imagine. However, at five years old his life changed drastically with the death of his grandfather; he suddenly was in a position where he had to run for his life (when the accident occurred). Sound familiar? 

Now fast forward to his middle age; the same man that his grandfather tried to kill, King David, is now requesting to see him. This could have been a potential setup; certainly Mephibosheth suspected that perhaps David was looking to kill him in an act of revenge. However, I imagine that in his disappear and current condition he felt he had nothing to lose since he was worthless anyway. He simply gave up, did not arm himself and cooperated even if it meant he was walking to his death. Can God get a yes from you today? Will you stop warring against Him and just surrender especially when you do not understand His plan?

Well, you can go to 2 Samuel 9 and read the rest of the story; actually King David, because of his great love for Jonathan, was actually seeking anyone left from his lineage that he could bless. Mephibosheth was placed before the King, scars and all, given a seat at the royal table and spent the rest of his days in the lap of luxury at the palace. Where does your life fit in with this beautiful portrayal? 

How soon we forget: we are part of royal priesthood and our inheritance and dominion has nothing to do with an earthly father or lineage. Despite our difficulties, obstacles, challenges and even defeats, we are destined to win. Sure, God works through others and, as we pursue our destiny, there will be many who partner with us, invite us in and open doors that we only dreamed of having access to. Do not get caught up; you do not need to wait for an invitation from a certain circle or attribute your potential success entirely to any one man, woman or group. You do not need an invitation to be great, successful or take dominion; you were given permission/authority at birth and no demon in hell can take it from you. [Gen 1:26-27; Isa. 40:29-31; Luke 10:19; 2 Tim. 1:7; Philippians 4:13; Eph. 3:20; 1 Cor. 6:14]

We are the greatest destroyers and deterrents to our own success. Some of us sit in the corner when we should command the attention of the room. Others shrink from the spotlight because they are not quite ready for the recognition that ironically they prayed and asked God for. (Remember? If you can use anything Lord you can use me; Lord release me, enlarge my territory. You sing it but do you really believe/mean it?) Oh, and I cannot forget those of us who are simply arrogant and think we deserve everyone’s attention as well as reverence whenever we walk into a room. (Do you know who I am?They should switch to this song: It’s not about you, it’s about Jesus.)

The fallacy in all these approaches is that none of them result in us working at our full capacity for the glory of God. This is very dangerous because, as I am often told as I move forward in my launch, there is a dying world out there waiting on you and what you have! The more obedient I am, even in the baby steps, I realize that many are reenergized as I share from my heart especially in my weakest moments. 

So I encourage you today, you are not Mephibosheth and David is not coming: Arise and take your rightful place at the King’s table! [P.S: I’ll be working right alongside you; this is a continuous work and sometimes we all need to be reminded. I pray for you, you pray for me, I love you, I need you to survive . . .]

–Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru
Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaker and Best Selling Author
CEO, Alesha Brown LLC

Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru

Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru, is the CEO of Fruition Publishing Concierge Services, where she offers author consultation, writing coaching and publishing services to help people share their story with the masses. As a childhood abuse survivor, she is on a mission to reverse the damage of abuse by encouraging survivors to write and publish their stories in order to pay it forward and create a circle of healing. Alesha is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Authors Consultant, and Transformational Speaker who encourages audiences by igniting the fire within and helping them take center stage. With comprehensive, simple techniques and words of inspiration, Alesha helps the old and young alike, grab ahold of their dreams while identifying the roots of their unhappiness and those things that hold them back. A humorist and gifted speaker, Alesha Brown delivers entertaining, engaging presentations with thought-provoking exercises and vivid illustrations to connect with an audience.

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