You ought to run and tell that . . . no really you should

You ought to run and tell that . .

If you’re like me, the above title takes you back to the old school church hymn and you’re singing and tapping your foot right now. Honestly, I am a lover of music and spoken word so, it doesn’t take much to make me to find a song to match any phrase, title, word or situation. Okay, let me get off of my soapbox and get straight to the point.

Everyone has a story to tell and, I encourage you in THIS SEASON, to go RUN & TELL IT! No, I am not encouraging you to be a blabber mouth or a gossiper; however, if you are one, YOUR STORY needs to be the only one you speed your wheels to run and tell. [In laymen’s terms: mind your own business and worry about yourselfI mean that with the upmost respect and love though, lol.]

As a writer, editor, media personality/radio host and author’s consultant, I am always interviewing other people and creating ways for them and their business to tell their story. Some clients label me as The Book Whisper: I hear sonnets, titles, chapters and book series in the most basic conversations. As an author’s consultant, I find so many people that possess pearls of wisdom and keys of transformation for thousands but they have yet to share it! Often I am taken aback and excited in the first few minutes of conversation and my creative juices start flowing as I envision their platform & expansion possibilities.

I said all of that to say this: DO NOT waste one more second of your time, life and potential sitting on your goldmine, wealth, power and purpose by NOT sharing your story. I realize everyone will not be a published author, although I am on a quest to make that a reality. Real Talk: creation is dying—emotionally, spiritually, physically and often unnaturally—creation NEEDS YOU! You are a subject matter expert in the journey of your life; even if others tell you that you are insignificant and ordinary. There is nothing ordinary about you or your existence and there hasn’t been since the day you were born.

Would you have the cure for cancer or aids and not share it? Of course you wouldn’t but you do it every day when you don’t share your story. The song says, can’t nobody tell it, like I can tell it: so, why are you quiet? I have people approach me all the time and ask if Alesha Brown LLC* offers ghostwriting services. Sure, if necessary, but my talent is in showing you how you can write, publish and share YOUR story effortlessly and inexpensively. I don’t mind pulling it out of you; I just don’t want to write 100% of it for you because then your story loses its power, authenticity and possibly its intended purpose.

So, on this Motivational Monday, I encourage you . . . no I beg of you . . . to share your story. Don’t worry about the proper grammar, word choice, usage, catchy taglines; there are enough people like me that can assist you with that, if needed. Rather, operate in the realization and authority that you were created to be a powerful force to be reckoned with by transforming power found in your story.

Now I do encourage you to use wisdom and seek the Creator’s guidance in who, how and where to share your story. So, I’ll leave you with the question depicted in the opening picture: What is your story? Whatever it is, write it, make it plain and go run and tell it! As I always say, “Don’t just survive; be determined to thrive!”

*Alesha Brown LLC offers author/writing consultation services to help people write their story and share their testimony. As an advocate on a mission to reverse the damage of abuse, she encourages others to write their story to pay it forward and create a circle of healing.

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–Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru
Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaker and Best Selling Author
CEO, Alesha Brown LLC

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