Happy Labor Day!

If I can be transparent, the month of September is challenging for me. In particular, September is Suicide Awareness/Prevention Month, a time that always makes me reflect on my painful, abusive past.

I am grateful that I am alive today, but as a survivor of child abuse, from age 5 to 17, when the abuse stopped when my father died, I constantly contemplated suicide as a way to escape. I remembered praying to God for the courage to take my life, reasoning with Him that it would be a “mercy killing.” So you can understand why this worthwhile cause and its publicity sometimes is painful.

Ironically, Labor Day always reminds me to pivot my mindset in this regard. The truth is the celebration is that each day we get to choose our focus, where we invest our energy, and what we allow to dwell in our mind, heart, and eye gates. One of the things I vowed when I first started my path to healing and restoration was not to allow my abuser to rest in peace while I suffered on earth. I refused to allow the words of someone dead and gone to hold me prisoner any longer. After all, I am alive and blessed with the present of life: why waste it on the negativity of the past?

When I received that truth, it changed my entire life. I started exploring what I wanted out of life and what my purpose was. I worked to stop being a people pleaser and work on my healing, peace, and happiness. It wasn’t easy, but it was WORTH IT!

So, this Labor Day, I encourage you to celebrate, pursue peace and happiness, and make the most of this precious gift we call life. And when the past tries to sting you, take a deep breath and thank the universe that you rose above it all. Today is a new day and, this time, you get to choose what you desire. What do you choose to celebrate today?

Oh, and if you need a few words of inspiration and encouragement, including the beginning steps of how to thrive, push past the darkness, and live your best life, I have two gifts below that will heal your soul. I also have copies in stock & would LOVE to autograph them for you! Just click the button to place your order.

Alesha Brown, CEO, Fruition Publishing Concierge Services 

Editor-in-Chief, Published! Magazine   

Award-Winning Entrepreneur|Publisher|Transformational Speaker

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