Everyone has a Judas; you are no exception

Everyone has a Judas; you are no exception

I’ve read it somewhere: “your haters are normally your biggest followers who purchase front row tickets”. For the most part, I have always despised the term haters; I perceived it as an illusion of grandeur complex. However, the older I get, the more I realize it is just updated slang for backstabbers or your Judas.

Whatever you want to call them, it should come as no surprise when you encounter those who despise you, pray for your demise or are envious at the least sign of blessing in your life. Remember, Judas was one of the famed 12 and there is nothing new under the sun.

Yeah it hurts, it’s painful and truly unfortunate, especially when you are caught off guard, but don’t lose focus. You have an assignment and divine mission to carry out; do the work of the Lord and let him handle the rest.

–Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru
Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaker and Best Selling Author
CEO, Alesha Brown LLC

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