Meditations of My Heart

Maybe you’re just TIRED

For so many, Monday is the beginning of the work week and Crunch Time. What was the first thing on my agenda yesterday? My Lunch date and here’s why:Being an

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How do you REALLY see yourself?

We say it all the time: I know that God will make a way. There’s a change coming and it won’t be long. God will work it out. I trust

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Your Fears are Destroying You

Humans are interesting creatures: we spend so much time on the “what-ifs”, past failures, fears, disappointments and perceived dangers. We work ourselves into a frenzy, to the point that we

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When will you soar?

Reflecting on a super busy day where half of it was spent in a meeting and the other half . . . let’s not even go there. However, I’m never

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