Meditations of My Heart

It's official: I am one of the WEALTHIEST Women in the World!
As my family and I brace for a minor snowstorm, I am reflecting on the awesomeness of my life. If there are any bragging rights, I brag on the awesomeness...
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The Slippery Slope of Publishing (as featured in Publishers Weekly)
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What if your book could save a life Blogpost-JoyGuru site1522 (1)
What if your book could SAVE a life?
The majority of people who say they want to be an author never become one (97% to be exact). And while the list is endless of all the excuses why that...
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Your Success Breaking Point
Yes, some people can take off from their business, and you hear nothing from them. I am not such a person, lol. Although I am on a much-needed break, I...
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This year, I’m thankful for you
Happy Holidays! While I do not need a particular holiday to tell me to be thankful, we all can use them as moments to reflect, refocus, and refuel. And...
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The Monetization Decision
I hope you are as EXCITED as I am to close out this year. Whether you are a client or platform subscriber, we hope this year has provided much clarity...
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Imposter Syndrome OR Fear of Success?
  Are you scared of being an “imposter” or the pressure that comes with being successful?  We all look at who and what we aspire to be and try to figure...
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Happy Labor Day!
If I can be transparent, the month of September is challenging for me. In particular, September is Suicide Awareness/Prevention Month, a time that always...
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Is It Time to Trust What You Know?
Feeling stuck in life is not unusual. Success may be desired, but different levels come with “new devils.” Finding the courage to pursue your dreams is...
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Is Your Success Hindered because of Your Attachments?
Can I be honest with you? I have been so emotional watching this idea that God gave me be birthed (see the video below). Watching all the pieces coming...
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