Meditations of My Heart

The Problem of Taking More than You Need

Okay, let’s be honest: we all want more of something. More money, more time, more vacations… more, more, more. There is nothing wrong with striving to improve your life or

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Who Holds the Pen of Your Life?

As a writer and professional editor, one of my slogans is “It’s Never Too Late to Edit Your Life!™” Stop and consider this:Who Holds the Pen to Your Life? Is

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God Bless your Heart

Blame it on my Southern roots or not, but this is a phrase I use often and not always as a term of endearment. When viewing the world today, it

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Are you AFRAID of . . .YOU?

“Afraid of myself? Of course not.” But is this true? Is it possible the person you fear the most is YOU?Do you: Second guess yourself often, only to regret not

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