When will you soar?

When will you soar

Reflecting on a super busy day where half of it was spent in a meeting and the other half . . . let’s not even go there. However, I’m never too busy to take a moment to digest current experiences. In this season in my life, I have to pause frequently in order not to miss the weight of the moment.
I spent the first half of my day in a private, by invitation only, meeting and did God provide the answer to complete the vision of my new life. This meeting included global resources: that is why I laugh when I see the “competition” tripping over themselves to see who dominates this or that city. Go ahead, you can have that: I don’t have a city vision/strategy—mine is international and in progress.

My old reaction on the magnitude of this morning would be to cry or ask, “God, why me?” In this new season, I’ve learned to just tell Him thank you and get to work. All God needs is one yes and He will supply everything you need, seemingly against all odds, to make His vision come true. (Emphasis on His dream or vision, not YOURS—there is a difference and you MUST know it.)

I invite you, like myself, to keep pressing—past the tiredness, the time restraints, all the pain, worries and doubts—when God sets you up, failure is not an option. Caution: if it’s all about you or this is your doing, as smart as it sounds and as great as it looks, your own strength/vision can set you up for failure (even with supporters).

–Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru
Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaker and Best Selling Author
CEO, Alesha Brown LLC

"It's never too late to edit your life and I can help!"

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